Assandnine Acres

Registered Miniature Donkeys and Dexter Cattle

Hauenstein's Raven Song

Raven, sired by PMF Total Eclipse, is as black as black gets!  The pic just doesn't do her color justice.  What really makes her priceless is that she is also an ivory carrier.  She is currently open.

Merry-Go-Round's Porscha

Porscha is a lovely dark jennet sired by Mr. Perlino.  This is an uncommon ivory line in Texas.  We are thrilled to be adding her as well as her dark NLP jennet foal, FL Poker Alice, to our little herd.  Thanks to Frontier Legends for making it possible for us to bring Porscha into our ivory program.  Porscha is currently open.

Country Trail Acres Patches

Patches is a very nice 32.5" jennet sired by Double N Texas Awsome.  She has great conformation as well as a drafty build.  Patches foaled a fantastic little gray jack in August 2008, and an equally nice spotted jennet in 2010, both sired by Casper. 

A9A Que Sera

Sera is a very nice 33 1/2" two year old jennet.  She is the daughter of Corinda one of our two original jennets.  Sera is very closely related to Arrow Creek Harry Houdini, who has sired several very wooly donkeys, two of which were record high sellers at the Great American Donkey Sale.  She is very correct and nicely proportioned.  We are hoping she will pass on her father's dark genetics when paired with one of our black jacks. 

For Pete's Sake Babbs

Babbs is a beautiful Ivory jennet that we were lucky to add to our herd.  She has the sweetest personality and we hope that she passes it on to her foals. 

Hauenstein's Nike

Nike is a really nice ivory carrier with an unusual thin blaze, a swoosh as her breeder Russ Hauenstein put it (hence the name).  She is gray with masked spotting factor and it looks like she will remain quite small.  Nike is currently open.

DK Carmella

Carmella is a very nice ivory carrier sired by Sheloy's C.J. and out of an ivory jennet.  We are very pleased with this addition to our ivory carrier herd.  Carmella foaled a tiny dark gray or brown NLP jennet sired by Boo.  Carmella is currently open.


Furball Acres Tinkerbell

Tinkerbelle is a wonderful ivory carrier that came to us from Furball Acres in South Carolina.  She is a Lil Longears Casper daughter and built just the way we like them, nice proportions and round butt!  We can't wait to see what she produces in the future!

A9A Queen Isabella

Izzy is our first Casper daughter and she is lovely in every way.  Izzy is currently open.

Frontier Legends Poker Alice

Alice is named for Alice Ivers (aka Poker Alice), a frontier woman who was famous in the Black Hills for her poker skills.  This little girl tricked everyone into thinking she was a boy when she was born, hence the name.  Alice is sired by Short Assets Starfire, a champion in the show ring.  We may try her in the showring ourselves before adding her to our breeding program.  Alice's grandfather is Mr. Perlino, so we are hoping she carriers the ivory gene herself.

Silver Hammer Bonnie Bee

Bonnie, who was actually bred by the Krenek's at CLK Ranch is one of the best jennets I have ever seen.  She is square and straight and built like a tank.  The bonus is that she is an ivory carrier!  Bonnie produced a really nice ivory jennet in 2009 sired by Casper, which we have retained for our herd.  She will be bred back in the fall of 2010.

Furball Acres Muffin

Muffin, sired by Boo, is a rich chocolate brown ivory carrier.  She has excellent conformation and a wonderful personality.  She will likely be bred to Casper in 2011.

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