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The following donkeys are offered for sale.  All donkey purchases include negative coggins, new halter and lead, and hoof trims.  Payment arrangements can be made as long as the animal is paid for by the time it leaves the farm.  We also offer multiple purchase discounts. 

Note:  We try to place our animals into the best possible homes, therefore please be prepared to answer questions about shelter, fencing, and companion animals.  Donkeys, like many herd animals need the companionship of other herd type animals and will bond with cattle, goats, and horses...but the best companion for a donkey is another donkey, so we prefer to place them into multiple donkey homes.

We are getting to the point where our ivory carrier herd has expanded enough that we will be selling some of our non-ivory stock.  Some of these jennets are quite nice will be bred to ivory jacks to produce ivory carriers.  I am finding it very difficult to decide which jennets I am willing to part with, so if you see something you like on our jennets page, but you do not see her for sale please contact us and inquire about her.

Country Trail Acres Patches

Patches is a very nice 32.5 inch jenny.  She has produced two very correct foals for us and is currently open.  Patches is very well built, with a nice round rear.  We are only offering her at this time because we are trying to reduce the herd to keep only ivory carriers.


Price: $1,000

A9A Que Sera

Sire:  Kaul's Magnum's Jett, 30.5" Black NLP with cross

Dam:  L&G Farms Miss Corinda, 34" Brown/Gray Dun

Sera is a lovely 33.5" two year old.  She is a Magnum grand-daughter and is a 3/4 sister to Harry Houdini, the sire of the record high selling jennet, MGF Starry Night.  With her background, Sera should be able to produce black, brown, and possibly red as well as NLP.  She also carries some very small genetics.  We are only offering her because we want to focus on our ivory program.  She is a very nice correct jennet and would be an asset to any breeding program.


Price: $600


Donkeys Sold....


A9A General Lee

DOB: 8/21/08

Dam:  Country Trail Acres Patches, 32 1/2" spot

Sire:  Hickory Hills Casper the Friendly, 33 inch ivory

General Lee is a very small compact and stocky little gelding.  He is straight and has good width as well as a sweet personality.  I don't think he will mature over 30 inches .

Price: Sold and staying in Pleasanton...Thanks Donna and family!

A9A Caitlin

DOB:  Approx 2002

Sire:  Unknown

Dam:  Unknown

Caitlin is an untraced, but oh so cute little brown dun jennet with lots of red highlights.  She is only 31 1/2 inches short and has an excellent build.  She is very affectionate and a good mother.  Caitlin has been bred to Cloud Walker for a 2009 foal.  This should be an excellent match for a tiny foal with her small size and Walker's tiny genetics.

Price:  Sold to the Cude family of Pleasanton!

A9A Rosalyn

DOB:  2004

Sire:  Rancho Nueces Smokey

Dam:  A9A Miss Kitty

Rosalyn is one of my favorites and to tell the truth, I don't really want to sell her.  I did promise to sell my non ivory jennets, though so I'm reluctantly offering her.  Rosalyn has really great conformation with a leg in each corner and incredible width.  She also has a nice round rump and a lovely petite head. 

Price:  Sold, thank you Meraz family of NM!

A9A Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty is a very nice 34.5" jennet who has thrown both wooly and dark foals for us.  She tends to reduce size and her foals are very nice with straight legs and round rumps.  Her foals also tend to have her nice small head.  We are only offering her at this time because we want to focus on our ivory program.  Kitty is currently exposed to Cloud Nine.

Price:  Sold, thank you Meraz family of NM!

A9A Stella Mae

Stella is an absolutely fantastic four year old jenny and she is one of my favorites.  She is untraced, but has excellent conformation.  She is 34 inches and currently bred to A9A Pink Rambler, a 33.5 inch light red jack.  She is a brown/gray dun with lots of red highlights, so here's hoping for a red foal from this cross.  She is due to foal in November.  I must part with a few non-ivory jennets, so even though it kills me to do so, I must let Stella go.

Stella foaled a tiny brown/bay pattern jennet on 10/14/08. 


Price:  Sold!  Thank you Meraz family of NM!

A9A Twin Sister

Twinkie is an untraced 34" light gray jennet.  She is one of our "rescue" purchases as she was in very poor shape when we purchased her.  Twinkie is fairly cowhocked, but she was bred as a yearling and so we feel that this contributed to her poor conformation in her hind end.  She also had eye infections at one time that were not treated and her eyes have a cloudy appearance.  She does seem to have adequate eyesight, however.  You can tell by looking at her that she has quality behind her.  She has a nice head, short back, rounded rump, and incredible width to her chest.  We have had two very nice foals from her from different jacks and she is currently bred to Gunner for a Fall 2008 foal.  I am adding some new jennets to our already too large herd, so I must part with some of my others.  Twinkie is very special to me and I want to place her in a home where she will get lots of love and attention.  She is young and has several years of brood service in her, but I would also be happy to place her in a pet home.

Twinkie foaled a lovely spotted jennet on 10/16/08.

A9A Gunner's Glory (Sired by CLK Gunner)

Glory was 24 inches at birth so she will be a larger mini.  She also has a slight overbite.  Due to her bite and size, we will be offering her at a pet price of $600, or see the deal below for her with her mother.  Glory weans in early spring.


Price: SOLD!  Our thanks to the Meraz family of NM.

Spotty Jones

DOB:  7/2/08

Sex:  Jack

Sire:  A9A Wee Willy

Dam:  A9A Miss Belle

Jonesy is a really well built spotted jack born to our partner herd owned by Debbie Schneider.  He has very straight legs and wonderful markings.  He should mature around 33 inches.

Price: SOLD!

A9A Son of a Gun

DOB: 3-7-08

Sire: CLK Gunner, 33 1/2" Gray MSF (Ivory carrier)

Dam: L&G Farms Miss Corinda, 34" Brown Dun

Sonny is a little pistol already!  He is bucking and playing at just a few hours old.  His height at one day is 24 inches and he already looks very drafty.  He should be an excellent performance gelding.


Price:  Sold!  Thanks and congratulations to the Kirklen family of Kerrville, TX.

Double N Awesome Blossom

DOB: 9/3/04

Sire: Double N Texas Awsome, 32 1/2" Brown/White Spot

Dam: Double N Sweet Beauty, 31" Gray Dun

We need to cut back on our herd so we are offering Blossom for sale at this time.  Blossom is a very sweet 31 1/2 inch jennet with an excellent pedigree.  She is very cute and always wants attention.  Blossom is very attached to the standard yearling jennet below, so I will give a discount if these two go together.

Blossom has been sold!  Our thanks to the Cude family of Pleasanton, TX.

A9A Dexter

DOB 10-27-07

Sire:  Arrow Creek Checkers, 33 1/2" Spotted

Dam:  A9A Miss Kitty, 34" Gray Dun

This little guy is cute, cute, cute.  Miss Kitty always has such beautiful foals and this one is no exception.  Dexter is a very intelligent little fellow, he figured out how to use his legs and how to nurse so fast!  This guy will make an excellent cart donkey and loving pet.  Dex is ready to go now, he looks very nice and has developed a very wooly coat.  He carries the wooly gene on both sides and looks like he will be a wooly himself. 

Dexter has been sold!  Our thanks to the Cude family of Pleasanton, TX.

A9A Sukoshi

DOB: August 2005

Sire: Rancho Nueces Smokey, 33" dark gray dun

Dam: A9A Snickerdoodle, 35" brown gray dun

Sukoshi is a very sweet little 32 inch jennet.  Her mother was in very poor shape when she was born causing some nutritional deficiencies for Sukoshi, which have left her growth stunted.  For this reason we are offering her as a pet only.  We feel that her small frame would put her at risk for complications if she was bred.  Sukoshi is perfectly healthy and would make an excellent pet. 

Price: Sold!  Thanks to the Shaffer family of Canyon Lake, TX, where Sukoshi will be keeping their horse company and enjoying attention from their two boys.

A9A Snickerdoodle

Snicker is an untraced 34 1/2 inch jennet who is very sweet and easy to handle.  Snicker is approximately 14 years old and is being retired at this time.  She is only offered to a pet home where she will not be bred.


Price: Sold

A9A Little Lucky Sevens

DOB: 7/7/05

Sire: Rancho Nueces Smokey, 33" dark gray dun

Dam: A9A Little Nell, 32" light gray dun

Seven is a very nice 35 inch dark gray jennet.  She is out of one of our best jennets and has excellent conformation.  We are trying to reduce our herd to a more manageable number, so we are reluctantly offering Seven for sale. 

Price: Sold to Bobby Lane of Cuero, Texas....Thanks!

Country Trail Acres Midnight

Sire: Country Trail Acres NN Awesome Quincey, 34" dark brown spot

Dam:  Country Trail Acres Christy, 37" Dark brown NLP

DOB: 9-12-07

Midnight is a very nicely built brown/black jennet with no light points.  She has an extensive pedigree and good conformation.  Midinight will be on the tall side, possibly oversized, because her mother is an oversized mini.  She does however carry small genetics, so she could throw small babies.  She would make an excellent cart/performance prospect or guard donkey.

Price: Sold!  Heading to Germany to join Guy, Bridgit, and B.B. at Roverstar Farm!

A9A Pink Rambler

DOB: 5-15-05

Sire: RCF's  Starlite, 32" Red

Dam: Merry Go Round's Dusty Rose, 33 1/2"Red

Pinky is a very nice, very correct 33 1/2 inch light red jack.  He has an excellent pedigree with several reds including Sunset Acres Rustico.  We will be breeding Pinky through the Spring of 2008 and then he will be available for sale.  We have too many jacks and want to focus on our ivory program, so we have decided to part with our jacks that do not carry the gene.  Pinky is very aggressive towards other jacks so he would do best in a home where he is the only man.

Price: Sold!  Thanks -- Lynne and Gary Brooks of New Braunfels, TX

Arrow Creek Checkers

DOB: 4-29-04

Sire: Arrow Creek Trace, 31 1/2 " Brown/Gray & White Spotted

Dam: Arrow Creek June, 34 " Gray & White Spotted

Checkers is an excellent jack with an extended pedigree, including Little Motown.  We are reluctantly offering him for sale at this time because we have too many jacks for our small farm.  I believe he has topped out at 33 1/2 inches, which would make him an excellent performance/driving prospect.  He is conformationally correct and has a good bite (see Jacks page for more pics).  All serious offers will be considered.

Price: Sold!  Thanks -- Lew Best, Waco, TX

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