Assandnine Acres

Registered Miniature Donkeys and Dexter Cattle


2009 Foals

A9A ???

DOB:  5/16/09

Dark Brown or Black Jack

Sire:  Hickory Hills Casper the Friendly

Dam:  Merry Go Round's Porscha

Another non-dun from Casper and he is exceptional!  This guy has his mom's lovely head and dark color and his dad's ivory gene.

A9A Hunny Bee

DOB:  April 16, 2009

Ivory jennet

Sire:  Hickory Hills Casper the Friendly

Dam:  Silver Hammer Bonnie Bee

Wow, what a beauty!  This is our first ivory jennet born here and boy is she spectacular!  This one may be a keeper.

Carbon Steel

DOB:  April 5, 2009

Gray Jack

Sire:  Merry Go Rounds Carbon Black

Dam:  Camelot Farms Eclipse

This picture is right after birth....this little guy is going to be spectacular.  He also carries both black and ivory....what a combo!

A9A Electra

A9A Electra

DOB:  2/22/09

Sex:  Jennet

Birth Height:  23 1/2 inches

Sire:  CLK Gunner

Dam:  A9A Darcy

Electra was full of static electricity on the crisp morning that we found her following on her mom's heels.  Darcy did not have a very large bag the day before, so we were doubly shocked by the appearance of this little firecracker!  We may retain this jennet for our breeding program due to her dark brown color and the 50/50 chance she may carry ivory.


2008 Foals:

A9A Miranda

A9A Miranda

DOB:  10/26/08

Sex:  Jennet

Birth Height:  22 1/2 "

Sire:  Hickory Hills Casper the Friendly

Dam:  Hathaway's Maria

This little girl is quite nice.  She seems to be a brown dun and with both parents being Dd, it is very likely that she will be a dark producer.  Of course, since her sire is Casper she is also an ivory carrier.

A9A Lady Gray

A9A Lady Gray

DOB:  10/18/08

Sex:  Jennet

Sire:  Hickory Hills Casper the Friendly

Dam:  LN Misty Gray

Birth Height:  21 1/2"

This little girl has it all....nice conformation, extended pedigree, and personality plus!  She looks like she may end up with some roaning like her mom and with both parents carrying only one dun gene it's possible she could be a dark producer too!

A9A Special Dark

DOB:  10/18/08

Sex:  Jack

Color:  Dark Brown

Birth Height:  22"

Sire:  Hickory Hills Casper the Friendly

Dam:  Laughlin's Four K-tee

What a cute little fellow and dark brown taboot!  This is proof-positive that Casper carries only one dun gene.  Thinking about keeping this guy to breed later to my other dark ivory carriers.  He looks to be herdsire quality fory sure!

A9A Gunner's Glory

DOB:  10/16/08

Sex:  Jennet

Color:  Gray Spotted

Birth Height:  24"

Sire:  CLK Gunner

Dam:  A9A Twin Sister

Little big girl, this one is but what a show!  She has nice symetrical markings and heavy bone as well as super straight legs for a newborn.  SOLD

A9A Mustang Sally

DOB:  10/14/08

Sex:  Jennet

Color:  Brown/Bay Pattern

Birth Height:  21"

Sire:  A9A Pink Rambler

Dam:  A9A Stella Mae

Our one Pinky baby and boy is she nice and dainty....may be a keeper, haven't decided yet.  SOLD

A9A General Lee

DOB:  8/21/08

Sex:  Jack

Birth Height:  20.5 inches

Sire:  Hickory Hills Casper the Friendly

Dam:  Country Trail Acres Patches

Lee is a very little general indeed.  He is built like a little tank and has very straight legs and a tiny head.

A9A Spotty Jones

DOB:  7/2/08

Sex:  Jack

Sire:  A9A Wee Willy

Dam:  A9A Miss Belle

This little spotted jack was not a planned breeding, but boy did he come out nice!  He is not yet named, but he will be for sale upon weaning (conveniently close to Christmas).  If interested please email us.  SOLD

A9A Fancy That

Sex:  Jennet

DOB: 6/18/08

Birth Height:  Just under 21" at four days old

Sire:  Hickory Hills Casper the Friendly

Dam:  A9A Little Nell

Fancy is a cute tiny little jennet out of Nellie and our ivory jack, Casper.  She is just beautiful and an ivory carrier taboot!

A9A Son of a Gun

Sex:  Jack

DOB:  3/7/08

Birth Height:  24"

Sire:  CLK Gunner

Dam:  L&G Farms Miss Corinda


2007 Foals:

A9A Dexter

Sex:  Jack

DOB:  10/27/07

Birth Height:  23 1/2"

Sire:  Arrow Creek Checkers

Dam:  A9A Miss Kitty


A9A Candy Girl

Born 6-18-07, Candy is a beautiful brown/gray possible ivory carrier.  She is sired by Casper and her mother is Sugie, another jennet owned by our good friend Debbie.  We were hoping for another ivory as Sugie is out of Miss Belle, the mother of Guy.  But oh well, you can't ask for a more beautiful girl!  Candy will be retained in our ivory breeding program.





A9A Bridgit

Bridgit , born 3-30-07, is a lovely spotted jennet with a sweet personality.  In this picture, she was trying out a new dance move....concentrating so hard she had to stick out her tongue!   "Mom, I can't make these long stick things work right!"

Bridgit will be heading to Germany in December with her friend B.B.  and Guy where they will be loved by Agnes at Roverstar Farm.







A9A Gun's B.B.

Born 3-27-07, B.B. is a nice little gray jennet and possible ivory carrier.  She is by CLK Gunner, who carries ivory, and her mother is A9A Twin Sister (Twinkie). 

B.B. is going to Germany with Guy and Bridgit in December!








A9A Ghost Whispers

Born 5-7-07, this little guy is our first ivory foal.  He is very correct and full of energy.  He is sired by our jack Casper and his mother, Rapunzel is owned by our good friend Debbie Schneider.


Ghost will be heading to Florida to be loved by Maureen Kleinman along with Moira.







A9A Good Guys Wear White

Guy was born 5-14-07.  He is our second ivory foal by our jack Casper.  His mother is Miss Belle who is also owned by Debbie Schneider.


Guy will be going to Germany with Brigit and B.B. in December.....Agnes will be having a white Christmass for sure this year!